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Wind Turbine / Farm Maintenance Services

Our Services include:

  • blade inspection
  • blade cleaning
  • blade repair
  • blade drain-hole inspection & reopening
  • blade performance device installation
  • lightning receptor installation & replacement
  • tower cleaning — exterior & interior
  • tower painting
  • meteorological towers on wind farm

Intrepid’s Rope Access methods are good for Wind Energy Companies because …

it improves their bottom-line
it reduces greenhouse gas emissions on their wind farms
it enhances the company image

What is Industrial Rope Access?

Industrial Rope Access is an International Trade in which certified technicians utilize high-angle ropework to access tall structures or “inaccessible” areas to provide various services. It combines techniques with ropes and specialized hardware, as the primary means to ascend and descend tall structures and support the technicians as they work at height.

Industrial Rope Access is an exceptionally safe, efficient, cost-effective solution to vertical access problems. Rope Access is a common method used in Europe to service wind turbines, widely used in the United States, and now the leading edge method for delivering ‘clean’ wind turbine services in Canada.

Industrial Rope Access means Best Pratice

‘Best Practice’ would require “planned maintenance” of rotor blades in order to reduce overall maintenance costs; this mitigates unscheduled shut-downs and prevents minor repairs from becoming major repairs or even a blade failure or replacement! No doubt crane, mobilization, and blow-out costs or perhaps delays with foreign workers attempting entry into Canada, have been a deterrent to ‘Best Practice’. Now Wind Energy Companies in Western Canada can proactively have blade and tower maintenance performed with an efficient, cost-effective access method by the Western Canadian company … Intrepid Industries Renewables’ Maintenance.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance is ideal because …

... of the Training.

We are factory trained and experienced
  • Our wind turbine blade repair specialist with Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance was trained at the factory of one of the world-leading wind turbine manufacturers in Europe and holds a Class ‘A’ Certification with 15 years of experience
  • In the off season, he is Head Instructor of the Wind Turbine Training Centre – the International Wind Energy Academy – in Southern Alberta.

... we are Canadian!

We are based in Lethbridge, Canada
  • Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance was founded, and is owned, by Canadians and employs technicians who are all Canadian residents.
  • Intrepid’s technicians are trained and certified in Industrial Rope Access and Wind Turbine Blade Repair … the requirements for the job! No longer is there need for the industry to endure costly delays as foreign workers attempt entry through the Canada Border Services Agency. We can quickly deploy to your location … without restriction!

Have a question? We are here for you.

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