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Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance

places great importance on the training and certification of its personnel, with special emphasis on training related to safety. Please click below to read about everything we are certified for:

Our Certifications:

Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition (COR)

The Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition is a highly esteemed safety training designation throughout Alberta and beyond. And with Intrepid being COR trained and certified, you can rest assured that our Company will be providing you one of the safest work environments in Alberta and across Western Canada.

Workplace Safety COR Certificate available upon request

Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT) Certification

SPRAT is an International Trade Association that advances the safe use of Industrial Rope Access through education, standards development, and training of rope access techniques. SPRAT administers examinations and issues certification to successful trainees as Industrial Rope Access Technicians. (www.sprat.org)

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has teams of technicians trained and certified to SPRAT standards. And Intrepid’s Industrial Rope Access Supervisor is trained and certified by SPRAT to its highest level — L3.

A significant portion of SPRAT training involves advanced, high angle rescues. This specialized safety training enables Intrepid’s Industrial Rope Access teams to not only avert mishaps, but also avoid accidents should an incident occur.

SPRAT Certificates available upon request

High Angle Rescue Certification

High Angle Rescue is specialized training specific to wind turbine maintenance work. All technicians of Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance assigned to service wind turbines have been trained and certified in High Angle Rescue by the Wind Turbine Training Centre in Southern Alberta.

High Angle Rescue Certificates available upon request

Wind Turbine Blade Repair Certification

The Wind Turbine Training Centre – International Wind Energy Academy – is located in Southern Alberta amidst Western Canada’s Wind Energy Industry. It is facilitated by the Lethbridge College, the oldest Public Community College in Canada, and accessed through the Corporate Business Development Department. The technician teams of Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance are thus trained and certified in Wind Turbine Blade Repair.

Wind Turbine Blade Repair Certificates available upon request

Class ‘A’ Blade Repair Certification

The Wind Turbine Blade Repair Specialist with Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance was trained at the factory of one of the world-leading wind turbine manufacturers and holds Class ‘A’ Blade Repair Certification. Additionally, he has Head Instructor status at the Wind Turbine Training Centre – International Wind Energy Academy – in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Class ‘A’ Blade Repair Certificate available upon request

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