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Our Mission Statement

To provide cost-effective services to the renewables industry

The Company

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance is a division of Intrepid Industries which was founded in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada in 1999 by Darcy A. Berent. It is located in Lethbridge at 1430B 31 St North.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance utilizes Industrial Rope Access, which is the method of accessing tall/high structures, and provides the following services:

Wind Turbine Maintenance of rotor blades and towers by means of Industrial Rope Access
Industrial Rope Access Maintenance of various tall structures/high buildings at industrial, commercial, and institutional locations — exterior & interior settings
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Inspections
Solar Panel Maintenance

The Management Team

The management team of Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has 30 years of combined management experience in: administration, human resources, marketing and sales, customer service, and operations. And Darcy has had experience in overseeing multiple business locations across Western Canada as an Area Manager.

The Commitment

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance endeavours to meet the challenge of providing a system to deliver maintenance services to tall structures/high buildings.

Intrepid provides UAV Inspections powered by rechargeable batteries, and uses products and procedures that respect the environment in which it works.

Intrepid Renewable’s Maintenance aims to deliver outstanding service at a price that provides good value to its customers.

To that end, The Company has incorporated those high standards into its Mission Statement and endeavors to foster these ideals throughout its company operations.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance holds to the concepts that employees have the right to expect a safe workplace and deserve adequate training for their job duties.

To that end, The Company’s focus on safe operating procedures is its priority. And employees are provided a variety of on-going instruction, training, and certification, thus enabling them to perform their duties both proficiently and safely. Intrepid’s Wind Turbine Blade Repair Specialist is factory-trained with the Class ‘A’ designation and leads Intrepid’s teams of Certified Wind Turbine Blade Repair Technicians.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance, through its parent company, appreciates the opportunities that were available to it in the early days and feels an obligation to contribute to the restoration of the Western Canadian economy.

To that end, The Company employs Canadian residents and endeavors to recruit personnel from the local Western Canadian Region.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has a keen interest in the welfare of the Southern Alberta community in which it is based and in which Intrepid personnel live and raise their families.

To that end, The Company employees, at all levels, volunteer their time on a regular basis to assist others in their local area, thus reaching out to aid fellow community members personally, as well as helping to enhance the overall quality of the community in which they reside.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has the Mission, the training and skill sets, the certification, and the commitment to deliver services to Your Company in an endeavor to providing maintenance and/or inspection at height!

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