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Learn about Industrial Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access is a method of reaching high areas on tall structures in order to provide a wide variety of services.

Industrial Rope Access is an International Trade in which certified technicians utilize high-angle ropework techniques along with ropes and specialized hardware to access tall structures and support the technicians in position as they work at height.

Industrial Rope Access enables the performance of various types of work at industrial, commercial, and institutional locations; outdoor or indoor settings. Modern Industrial Rope Access equipment, techniques and training combine to produce cost-effective, safe, efficient way to solve vertical access problems.

The cost-effective benefits of Industrial Rope Access have long been realized in Europe through various Rope Access applications. It has become widely used in the United States for high-structure access, and in Canada the Rope Access Trade has quickly gained acceptance for a variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional uses. Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance — a Western Canadian company — offers the high-angle services of its Rope Access Teams for various applications; however, it focuses on services for wind turbines, water towers, high-rise building maintenance, communication towers, vaulted interior areas – atriums and swimming pools, plants/factories.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has teams of technicians certified to SPRAT standards – the North American Trade Association dedicated to the training and certification of Industrial Rope Access technicians (www.sprat.org). Intrepid’s Industrial Rope Access Supervisor is certified by SPRAT to its highest level — L3. Additionally, all Intrepid Rope Access technicians have High-Angle Rescue certification, which is specific to its wind turbine maintenance work.

A significant portion of SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) training involves advanced, high-angle rescues. This specialized safety training enables Intrepid’s Industrial Rope Access Teams to not only avert mishaps, but also avoid accidents should an incident occur. To further ensure the safety of our Industrial Rope Access Teams, a two-rope system is utilized: one rope to support the worker and a second rope to provide a safety backup as fall protection. The high-angle ropework performed by Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance complies with the Alberta Safety Legislation and with Intrepid’s highly esteemed Alberta Workplace Safety COR Certification (www.acsasafety.org/page.php?s=2&p=2).

All of this training, certification, and high-tech equipment qualify the Industrial Rope Access Teams of Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance to provide, safe, cost-effective solutions to your current vertical access problems throughout Alberta and across Western Canada.

Rope Access is cost-effective:  No heavy equipment, few personnel, quick deployment, faster completion, and minimal downtime … all equates to less cash outlay for required services

Rope Access is safe:  As reported on the SPRAT website: “Independently-certified rope-access technicians uphold an enviable safety record with no fatalities and few lost time incidents while working on rope.”

Rope Access is versatile:  High-angle techniques fit a wide variety of workplace settings. Unlike traditional access methods of awkward scaffolding, swing-stages or expensive lifts and cranes, custom Rope Access has aerial solutions that easily adapt to various applications.

Rope Access is efficient:  Ropework systems are installed and dismantled quickly; much, much faster than traditional access methods. The relative ease of the Rope Access method limits disruption to facility functions, enabling a prompt return to regular business operations.

Locations such as:
Wind Turbines
Water Towers
Communication & Electrical Towers
Industrial & Commercial projects/facilities
Institutional projects/facilities
Interior Vaulted Areas — Atriums & Swimming Pools
Hi-Rise Building Warning Lights
Facades on Hi-Rise Buildings
Grain Storage Facilities
Geologic Slopes
Tasks such as:
Inspections: visual, photo, video
structural & non-destructive exam (NDE)
wind turbine servicing & cleaning
water tower servicing & painting
communication & electrical tower equipment
installation & servicing
window washing
pressure washing
general cleaning
light/bulb replacement

Construction: stadiums, spires, silos
Events Rigging: banners, lighting, fireworks

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