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Our Cost-Efficient Programs

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has a Nominal Blow-Out Program in place in the event that inclement weather occurs – wind, lightning, moisture — while the Intrepid Team/s is on site. When working on wind farms that are within a two hour drive from Intrepid’s facility in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, the Nominal Blow-Out Program limits the blow-out charge to a maximum two day cycle.

If blow-out occurs prior to five hours on site, the charge is the entire one day fee. But if blow-out occurs after the Intrepid Team/s has been on site for five hours, a reduced fee is charged for each of the next three hours of missed work. If the following day begins with inclement weather the charge will be the entire one day fee for that day with no additional charge for the subsequent days in that inclement weather cycle.
When the weather is again conducive for performing wind turbine maintenance and the Team/s from Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance return to the wind farm to resume work, should a blow-out again occur at some point, the two day blow-out cycle would begin anew.

The wind turbine maintenance performed by Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance is delivered to rotor blades and towers by means of Industrial Rope Access, without the need for cranes or lifts. Therefore, Intrepid’s Nominal Blow-Out Program is based only upon manpower and does NOT include heavy equipment costs. The Blow-Out Program of Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance is truly nominal!

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance appreciates working on Your Company’s wind farm, and although we can’t provide fair-weather every day we’re on site, we can provide our Nominal Blow-Out Program to demonstrate that appreciation!

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has a Volume Recognition Program to recognize companies that employ Intrepid to perform a high volume of services on a repeat basis, such as companies in the Renewable Energy Industry.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance records the number of times an individual company employs our services in a particular job category, such as – rotor blade drain-hole reopening, rotor blade repair, tower cleaning or painting, etc. When the pre-set number is reached in each specific job category a special price is offered to the company on the next job in that category.

Thereafter, the number count in that category resets and again begins to work its way back up to the pre-set number, thus qualifying for another special price in that category.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance appreciates Your Company’s continued business and has the Volume Recognition Program in place to demonstrate that appreciation!

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance has a UAV Services Program that rewards companies that hire our UAV Inspection Services and thereafter employ Intrepid to perform the work for which the inspection was done.

When this occurs, Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance applies a significant portion of the price for the UAV Services against our regular price of the work performed.

Intrepid Renewables’ Maintenance appreciates Your Company employing us to perform work related to Intrepid’s UAV Inspections and has the UAV Services Program in place to demonstrate that appreciation!

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